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Can Christians in the United States Be Persecuted?

Church HDR

Church HDR (Photo credit: I_am_Allan)

The scripture of Luke 21:5-19 is a prophecy made by Jesus Christ that predicts the destruction of the Temple in Jerusalem which occurred in 70 AD. He then warns His disciples of false prophets and that there will be wars and many difficult times before He returns. He then tells them of the coming persecution of his followers. Many people here in the United States believe that there is no persecution of the Church in this country because of the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

When preaching on this subject, many mainstream pastors will focus on the verses about the wars, earthquakes, and pestilence. They will tell their congregations that these are not necessarily signs of Jesus’ return because they happen. They have always happened, so preachers will tell us not to be worried. With this style of preaching, Christians in the United States seem to have been lulled into complacency.

These preachers will glance over verses 12-19 in this passage. Today, mainstream preachers would lead us to believe that the Church in our nation is not persecuted and that we should pray for persecuted Christians in foreign lands. They say this while children are told they cannot celebrate Easter or Christmas at school. Christians in our military are threatened with disciplinary action or dishonorable discharge for sharing their faith. Christians in Michigan and other places with growing Muslim populations are being told not to pray or display evidence of their faith so that “minority” religions and atheists are not offended.

Jesus still encourages us that He, through the Holy Spirit, will give us the words to say in Truth. He also warns us that everyone we love will turn on us. Everyone will hate us. Does this include our preachers? We in the United States are not exempt from Jesus’ prophecy. We should not be complacent simply because the First Amendment of the Constitution protects us from religious persecution from the government. Our laws have been misread and miss-taught for a generation.

We must be as prepared for persecution as the Church in China and Egypt. This persecution has already begun, and it is getting worse. As in the parable of the bridesmaids, we must always be ready for Jesus’ return. We must have our hearts, minds, and souls focused on Him as we live our lives. As Jesus said in Luke 18-19 (NIV), “But not a hair of your head will parish. By standing firm you will gain life.”


Why Islam is not a religion of peace

Islamic Center of Washington DC

Islamic Center of Washington DC (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The content of this blog post was written in response to an atheist stating that religion was an excuse to start wars. I hope this helps people understand where I am coming from when I condemn the “religion of peace.”

If you look at all religious wars that have been waged since the life of Mohammad, who died in 632, they have all been wars begun by Muslims. The Crusades were started when Muslims invaded the Holy Land and were trying to usurp it from the Christians and Jews. The Pope sent knights to Jerusalem to defend Europe against an Islamic invasion. Over the next few centuries from the fall of Spain in 711 to 1492, Muslims tried to invade and conquer Europe while they were conquering North Africa, the Middle East and Persian Empire, as well as Asia and the East Indies. The Christian Europeans who gave rise to our form of government here in the United States were able to hold off that invasion.

The sixth pillar of Islam, Jihad – which we learned about in world history in high school, is no longer considered to be a pillar by western textbooks. Jihad which means HOLY WAR is not the inner struggle that politically correct pundits want us to believe it to be. The goal of Jihad is world domination. The Hebrew Scriptures were hijacked to justify conversions of Christians and Jews who could not read the scriptures for themselves to Islam. The word Islam itself means submission. If you do not submit to Allah, who is actually the Arabic word for the Moon God, you have two choices: be enslaved or be killed.

Now Europe and the United States are being invaded by Islam again. Only this time it is more subtle because they are using our principles of individual choice to worship how you choose and religious freedom against us. Instead of worshiping how they wish, which is cool, they are now trying to impose their beliefs on the rest of us. Look at Dearborn, Michigan for example. Their city council has decided to allow Sharia Law to override the United States Constitution, Michigan State Law, as well as the Municipal Ordinances of Dearborn because they don’t want the Muslim population of the city to be offended.

The point is that the reason Christianity is being persecuted while Islam is being lifted up as the new, preferred way to do things is because Islam is a religion of control. While TRUE Christianity is about individual freedom based on his or her relationship with Jesus Christ, Islam has always been a religion about war, domination, and micromanaging every aspect of a person’s life. Christianity has NEVER condoned sex with children. The Koran states that it is okay to marry six-year-olds and have sex with their child brides at the age of nine. The Koran is stated to be the word for word dictation of the Word of God to Mohammad. The Christian God who loves children because of their innocence is NOT the same god worshiped in Islam.

The definition of peace to a Muslim is total submission to Allah. There is no room for the Judeo-Christian God, the Hindu Pantheon, Shinto, Buddhism, or the belief in no god at all.

In response to his criticism of my Christianity because I do not tolerate Islam I responded with the following. This person was unsure as to why some comments on my post referred to Islam as a cult. He was also critical of the judgment of Islam based on its most radical followers and called it shortsighted.

No human on the planet is perfect. The goal of Christianity is to strive for perfection even though we fail on a daily basis.

To answer the question about the difference between religion or cult – A religion is honest with converts about what they believe. There are no hidden secrets that are only revealed to people who have joined. Islam is a cult because it hides the more extreme portions of its belief system like pedophilia and bestiality until after a person has been sucked in by the more peaceful, politically correct parts of the teachings like prayer and charity.

Only God can judge how Christian a person is or is not. You have not walked in my shoes. I do not condemn you for being an atheist. It is not my place to judge you for your beliefs. However, Christ does say that one can be discerning about people based upon their actions which is why I can look at what the Koran says is the verbatim word of God and know by what it says that it is NOT the Truth.

I also never said that all Muslims should be killed. I truly feel sorry for most of them because they are under the tyranny of Sharia Law and have no recourse because their government is the highest authority in their lives instead of God. The reason you don’t hear more moderate Muslims speaking against what the extremists in Al Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood is because they cannot. The extremists are the ones who are the leaders in Islam.

What is short sighted is that we as a nation have been at war with Islam since its inception. We are not taught this in school anymore because it’s not politically correct, but the Barbary Pirates who the marines were fighting in Tripoli were Muslim. By the time Thomas Jefferson was president, 25% of our national budget was being paid in tribute to Islamic powers around the world for release of our navy sailors and merchant marines. The Koran that Ralph Ellison used to be sworn in to Congress belonged to Thomas Jefferson, not that Jefferson had a great appreciation for Islam, but that he wanted to read it to get to know his enemy. We have not been taught this because some Muslims might be offended by the truth.